New California dairy ads

FRESNO, Calif.

"I want my kids to be raised the way I was raised." Barbara Martin's TV ad shows her special fondness for calves born on the family's Lemoore dairy.

The new California dairy spots take a personalized approach. Martin's now hearing from people around the country.

"We'll get a call late night saying, I just saw you on TV and you know, it's a shock," Barbara Martin said.

The cute calves may be scene stealers but Barbara and Tony Martin figure the campaign is a good way to educate the public.

"Living in cities and not having a chance to see farms, they don't see it and they think it comes from the grocery store so I think it was important to show it comes from families, from hard-working dairy farmers," Martin said.

This spot tells how Dino Giacomazzi of Hanford worked in the music industry before returning to the family farm nine years ago.

"Now I'm not saying every boy should leave the farm for a while. He was sort of a hippy for while. I wasn't a hippy."

"I wasn't a hippy. He probably still thinks I'm a hippy," Dino Giacomazzi said.

Giacomazzi also worked in the computer industry but felt he was losing a connection to the family dairy founded in 1893.

Dino missed the lifestyle and the milk production which keeps folks healthy.

"As opposed to writing software desgined to get people to use their computer more you know. I think people should use their computers less and spend more time playing and going outside," Dino said.

Dino Giacomazzi is a fourth-generation dairy farmer. The ads introduce viewers to real California dairy families.

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