Masked men try to rob Savemart

FRESNO, Calif.

A spokesperson with Savemart said the three employees that were inside are fine despite one of them being hit in the head.

Detectives are reviewing surveillance video to help identify the masked men who were inside.

Officers on the ground and in the air converged on this Savemart grocery store early Sunday morning after would be robber's terrorized three employees.

"The store had closed and two people had concealed themselves inside the business," Said Lt. Tom Rowe. According to Rowe the masked gunmen found the janitor first.

"That was bound in the business. He was found in a refrigerated cold box area," Rowe said. The armed men then stumbled upon two more employees hitting one in the head.

Investigators said the employees managed to escape and flag down a police officer. That's when the suspects ran into the nearby neighborhood with police on their trail.

Resident Alfred Acosta said, "They came into the garage. They had their assault rifles and their guns and stuff and the K-9 dogs. It was kind of scary for a little bit because we didn't know if somebody was actually back there or not."

"It's a pretty calm neighborhood. I mean I've never seen anything like that happen and just hearing that…I come here every day to rent a movie and I bring my kid here too and it's just scary that something would happen to this place," said resident Lemuel Morales.

These shoppers said they will continue to do business here despite this violent attack.

"I just hope that they have a security guard or something around to be present and feel more safe," Morales said.

Savemart officials are reviewing their security protocols for closing up the store, they said so far it appears everything was in order.

If you have any information you are asked to call the Fresno police department.

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