Injured soldier gets married on July 4

FRESNO, Calif.

K.C. Mitchell married his fiancé Sunday evening, and on world news, the couple explained why they chose Fourth of July as their wedding day.

"I didn't care if it was Wednesday, I was like, I want to get married on the fourth of July. It's like the most special day ever," Malori Williamson

"The 4th of July is just a great day period. You celebrate the fallen, you celebrate the ones who are overseas, and you celebrate the ones who are home. But when you celebrate the fallen, you're having a great time. You're celebrating them in a happy way," K.C. Mitchell said.

Action news cameras captured Mitchell's homecoming last weekend at Fresno Yosemite International Airport as the Exeter native returned to the valley after three months of treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Mitchell was injured back in April, when an explosive device blew up under his Humvee.

After a 30 day leave Mitchell and his new bride will return to Walter Reed to continue his recovery.

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