Highway 168 reopened after detonation of suspicious device

FRESNO, Calif.

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Someone working on the bridge found the device around noon along the Tamarack Creek Bridge. It's located between /*Shaver Lake*/ and /*Huntington Lake*/.

Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies had to call in their explosive ordinance disposal team to try and safely remove the suspicious device early Tuesday night.

In the photo you can see what forced authorities to be careful. Deputies say it was a homemade device made of cardboard wrapped like a tube with red tape and red wires hanging out of it. Bomb squad members had to detonate the device three times to make sure the area was clear.

Investigators haven't determined what substances made up the homemade pipe bomb. It had no explosive device but they believe it was made to look like one.

Meanwhile many drivers in the Fresno County Foothills area had to be diverted away from the bridge. People with campers and trailers were not allowed through the detour because of the road's condition.

Those left behind were forced to set their chairs down and set up camp for a few hours. Around 7:45 p.m. stranded drivers were given the thumbs up to get back on Highway 168 as the road closure was lifted.

As for the suspects in this bomb scare -- sheriff's deputies do not have any at this point.

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