Staff Sergeant Brian Piercy returns home

FRESNO, Calif.

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Members of Piercy's Division, the 82nd Airborne brought the casket into a private hanger where the soldier's family was waiting. After the brief, private event a motorcade escorted the remains for a Clovis Funeral Home. Where many members of the community gathered to show their support.

Clovis resident, Rhonda Gilmore said, "We all feel like we know everybody and it just hurts us all. We all grieve with the family."

Gilmore is a Blue Star Mom, her son is serving in the Marines. "I know that could someday be the knock on my door. It hits home. It hits home. Buchanan has been hit so hard."

Staff Sgt. Brian Piercy was 27-years-old. He is the 7th graduate of Buchanan High School to die in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was killed on Monday August 19th by an explosion, while fighting in Kandahar Province. It was his second tour of duty and he was just one month away from coming home.

One of Brian's former teachers, Mike Olinchoff was among those who came to pay respects. "Just being here in support of the Piercy family as well a lot of the other boys also came through my classroom door, so, I'm just here in support and to share my condolences."

Family Spokesperson Kelly Avants says the Piercy family appreciates the honor their son is receiving. "The ability for the community to show support for the Piercey's and for Brian has just been incredible for the family."

The public memorial service for Brian Piercey will be held Friday morning at ten, at the People's Church. Burial will follow at Clovis Cemetery. The church is located in Northeast Fresno between Herndon and Alluvial off of Cedar.

The family has asked those who plan to send flowers to consider making a donation instead.
The National Veterans Foundation
9841 Airport Boulevard Suite 418
Los Angeles, California 90045

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