Mexicana Airlines suspends Fresno flights

FRESNO, Calif.

Mexicana issued that list of suspended flights on its website and the last flight that will be leaving from Fresno will be early Wednesday morning to Guadalajara.

News first spread of Mexicana's troubles last week when flights were suspended in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles because cash flow problems.

Then the airline filed for bankruptcy protection with debts reported to be in the $1 billion range. And now they're suspending a total of 15 flights including the one here in Fresno.

This obviously hurts FYI -- which many considered to be one of the more popular hubs for Mexicana.

Russell Widmar, Director of Aviation says he hasn't heard of when the suspension might be lifted -- but adds revenues will be lost during Mexicana's time in financial limbo. "We will get no loading fees, no passenger facilities charges the people who come here usually park in the parking lot, these revenues dry up. The food and beverage and magazines and newspapers they buy that all goes away."

Widmar says Mexicana also owes the airport somewhere between $130-150 thousand in rent and other fees from the past two months.

Fresno Yosemite International Airport is starting to explore other Mexican carriers but if Mexicana can turn things around that would be their first choice

To check the status of your Mexicana air flight you can call 1-888-882-9994.

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