AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

The Western Pistachio Association is expecting growers to harvest 350-million pounds of the nut this year. However, farmers won't start the harvest until mid-September, about two weeks later than average.

The cooler spring and summer is causing the delay. Farmers say they're worried rain in late October could reduce pistachio quality. Ag experts say insects can also cause damage a later-than-average harvest.

There's a lot of buzz lately over planting more bee pastures across the state to increase the number of pollinators.

Ag researchers say small patches of colorful wildflowers can lead to more pollinators. For example, they cause blue orchard bees to increase their numbers more than four-times their usual size.

The research came in response to the so-called "colony collapse disorder" -- a mysterious problem that has reduced bee numbers. At least two beekeepers have already developed bee pastures.

Bees pollinate more than a third of the fruits and vegetables we eat.

There's a new term at the grocery store it's called "super local".

Panorama meats is the nation's largest producer of U.S.D.A. certified organic and 100-percent grass-fed and finished beef. It's now bringing beef raised on its Marin County, Napa County, and Sonoma County ranches directly to Whole Foods stores in those three counties.

The super-local beef is raised at ranches in the Petaluma area and processed in Merced. The cattle are raised entirely on pastures of natural grasses and are never treated with hormones or antibiotics.

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