Ryan Mathews says he's going back to the basics

FRESNO, Calif.

High school kicked off Friday, Fresno State Saturday and the NFL next week.

That brings us to Ryan Mathews, the former Bulldog wrapped up his first NFL preseason Thursday night at Candlestick Park following the game Mathews spoke to our own David Bataller.

All dressed up with nowhere to go Former Bulldog All-American Ryan Mathews was complimented minutes before last night's preseason game at San Francisco when told by head coach Norv Turner that he would not play because the coaching staff felt he was ready for the regular season.

A feeling the rookie first round pick agrees with.

"I feel ready. I think I am. Basically I'm going to take this time we have up until the game just to study and go over everything. Just go back to the basics and try mentally to prepare myself for what's coming," Mathews said.

What's coming is the Kansas City Chiefs on the road a week from Monday. But compared to what the Bakersfield native has had to absorb since signing with the Chargers early last month. An NFL defense could seem less intimidating.

"It's been a whirlwind, it has. They threw a lot of stuff at me but they knew I can take it. And that was the thing. They wanted to see how I reacted with the stuff that they gave me. I think I reacted good to it. I think I responded good to it. I think I got better," Mathews said.

Chargers fans think he did too, taking to internet message boards to claim Mathews will make them forget about departed all-pro Ladainian Tomlinson.

But Mathews isn't quite ready to agree. He knows he's got some learning to do first. "I know I can play with them. It's just the mental part. So I can just go out there an play football. So I just need to get as ready as I can so I can do it."

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