Fresno Co. SWAT team shot and killed man after tense standoff

FRESNO, Calif.

Saturday's standoff lasted about 4 hours. Action news has learned 38-year-old Manuel Serna is related to another man sheriff's deputies shot and killed back in 2009.

Coincidentally, the incident was very similar.

Investigators were called out to a Fresno County home around 12:40 Saturday afternoon after someone reported hearing shots fired from the residence.

When they arrived, 38-year-old Manuel Serna, who is confined to a wheelchair, was in his front yard armed with a rifle.

"As the deputy was walking up he contacted family members and was advised of a subject with a gun and was angry and would shoot deputies as soon as they got on scene," Chris Curtice of the Fresno County Sherriff's Office said.

A few minutes later, Serna started shooting.

No one was hit, but it did prompt deputies to set up a perimeter, call the SWAT team and bring in eagle one.

Investigators say despite their repeated attempts, Serna never showed signs of giving up. "We were never able to get him to respond to our commands to drop his rifle and come out of the fenced in yard."

That's when the SWAT team entered the yard where investigators say more shots were fired.

Serna was hit. He was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead. Family members tell deputies Serna was suicidal.

Neighbors recall seeing him just a few days before.

"His head was down and he was just, like motionless or you know," Dorwin Malsbury said. "Physically he was there, but not mentally."

Action News has learned Serna's younger brother Jesus was shot and killed by sheriff's deputies in July of last year.

Back then, deputies responded to Jerry's Tire Shop for a domestic disturbance, and Jesus started immediately firing shots at them.

Reno, a K-9 deputy was shot during the attack and Deputy George Ozburn was injured by bullet fragments and glass.

No deputies were injured during Saturday's shooting. The sheriff's office will release more information about the suspect within the next few days.

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