Just between Friends

FRESNO, Calif.

7-month-old baby Ethan loves his swing. That is, if he's in the mood for it. He usually prefers the comfort of his mom's arms. His mom Jennifer Campbell wouldn't and couldn't pay a fortune for the swing. Or anything else Ethan may or may not use. "It's way expensive. Money's tight. It was overwhelming, the amount of stuff that you need."

But baby Ethan's wardrobe came from "Just between Friends"... a huge children's and maternity consignment sale, held twice a year in Visalia and Fresno.

"We bought a pair of three pants and two shirts for five dollars," said Campbell. "We save a ton. I spent maybe a hundred dollars and he is set through a year old.

The next sale is at Fresno's Manchester Center from October first through third.

Unlike garage sales, the merchandise at Just between Friends is organized just like a retail store, by size and gender. And pre-screened -- and cross-checked for any recalls.

Kim Colburn said, "Everything cannot have stains, holes, rips or tears, it has to be in nice condition."

Martha Haley said, "You can even find some things that are new, like this Disney store Pirates of the Caribbean. Still even has the tags on it. It sold for $24 but was originally priced $49.50

Visalia mom Haley is a customer and a consignor. "I call it my vacation because I get to talk with other moms and hang out with other people who have kids."

She's been busy getting ready for this weekend's sale ... tagging merchandise, and scoping out the deals in advance. Consignors like her can make 65 to 70% of the selling price.

Long-time consignor Sandy Olson says it's a way of paying it forward. "I've been consigning for about five years. So it's nice to be able to unload some of that stuff. Share it with the people who need it, especially the baby stuff."

All while keeping it Just between Friends.

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