New money saving option at popular Valley retail stores

FRESNO, Calif.

Diego Herrera is looking to trade-in his cell phone at this new Target Mobile center in River Park and pick up some money to spend in the store.

Herrera: "I'm pretty tight with my money now. I've got bills up to here so this will definitely help a lot."

Customers can trade-in cell phones, video games and gaming consoles. Employees enter details about the device into their computer, and the program offers a suggested trade-in price.

"It's a simple process. You get a target gift card depending on the value of your item," said Target Mobile manager Eddie Franco.

Franco said you can turn over an unlimited number of electronics for safe eco-friendly disposal. However, there is a limit on the amount of store credit you will receive.

Franco: "At a minimum you'll get 5 dollars. At the maximum on one transaction you'll get five-hundred."

This older model iPhone 3G is worth about $60 right now if I were to trade it in because it's in good condition. However, this very old Motorola push-to-talk phone is not worth anything.

Trade-in programs are offered at other stores like Radio Shack, Gamestop and Best Buy and qualifications can vary. For example, Best Buy only accepts electronics purchased at their store. Target requires a driver's license number with every transaction. Store manager Chris Palmer said the program is a creative way to keep customers while making money.

Palmer: "We're trying to give our guests another way to save some money and take something that's old that you're not using and turn it in to some more sales."

The Target Mobile center and trade-in program have opened in select areas of California, including all Fresno stores. The plan is to offer these services in every Target store by the end of the year.

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