Store clerk helps Visalia gunshot victims


The shooting happened at the EZ Pick-N-Go store. The two victims were filling up their car when police say two people walked up and shot them several times.

Visalia Police are still looking for the two people they say shot at 30-year-old Jesse Sosa and 21-year-old Xavier Villegas here at the EZ Pick-N-Go just before 9:00 Thursday night. Police say the suspects walked up to Sosa and Villegas and shot at them. Store clerk Shane Carter heard the shots and rushed to help. "I was in the back stocking and my coworker came in and said someone's been shot. I went straight and we ran and got aprons because that's all we have in the store"

Carter's girlfriend is an emergency medical technician. She tried to wrap up the victim's wounds.

Carter said, "Wrapped up his leg and ran to the other gentleman and everyone's screaming everywhere it was crazy and so I ran to the other gentleman and wrapped up his arm until the EMT's arrived"

Once the victims were in the store the owner locked the doors. Police believe the shooting was a gang-related attempted murder.

"I wasn't really scared I just knew something needed to be done and instead of screaming I knew the best thing to do is just act." Carter adds.

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