Gelato at the Fair helps faith based charities

FRESNO, Calif.

On a day when the temperature hovers in the mid to high 80's a cool, smooth concoction is just the ticket for heat relief.

It's delicious, just delicious. Nancy: have you ever had gelato before now? No, never."

Colossal Gelato is the brain child of 30-year-old Matt Holguin of San Luis Obispo.

Why gelato? His travels with missionary groups brought him in contact with the "Italian ice cream" he now makes, sells and shares his profits with faith based charities.

It was originally the subject of his master's thesis, but with post graduate jobs in short supply in this economy, he improvised.

Matt Holguin, Colossal Gelato Owner: "I was never able to open a retail store because every time I went in to negotiate they'd ask me "How much money do you have? I've got a mountain bike, a surf board, 50-thousand college debt."

So he shifted his plan to events and fairs and it is he says "working" for him.

Holguin explains gelato as ice cream that is frozen at a lower temperature -- softer, creamier. He adds it is made with all fresh fruits from farmer's markets and specialty grocery stories -- all California grown except for the pineapples and mangos.

Every day at fair brings another 1,000-pounds of gelato. For this young entrepreneur the recession turned out to be a success for his business and his faith.

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