Community group calls for mobile voting stations

FRESNO, Calif.

Members of "Communities for a New California" visited with families in Downtown Fresno Saturday morning letting them know about polling place changes.

The group also held a press conference outside of Lincoln Elementary School -- a former polling place that won't be open on November 2.

The Fresno County Elections Office is shuttering about half of the county's 400 polling places for the upcoming election in an effort to save money.

But members of communities for a New California want mobile voting stations at the former locations so there won't be any confusion.

"If you're an elder that has been voting at the same location and have figured out how to take the bus there and now you have to figure out, okay, I have to take three buses, how am I going to do it? Oh, the bus doesn't go over there? It's very discouraging," Communities for a New California Savina Gonzalez said.

The County Elections Supervisor couldn't be reached Saturday-- but in the past, he has suggested making mobile voting stations available next Saturday -- prior to the election.

Members of Communities for a New California say it's not enough.

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