YouTube Fight heads to a Fresno courtroom

FRESNO, Calif.

The two women face misdemeanor charges, but the mother of the other seen in the video said they should be facing felony charges instead. "They're adults. They should know better not to let the children fight. They had an opportunity to stop it. They didn't try," said Cecilia Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said the fight has left her 13 year old daughter in fear. But Jimenez's attorney said his client's 12 year old daughter was the victim of bullying. He said Jimenez pulled her daughter out of Scandinavian middle school after girls wouldn't stop sending her hundreds of nasty text messages. "She was trying to stop it. She was at Scandinavian Middle School just moments before this whole thing, talking to the school people to help stop this," said attorney Roger Vehrs.

Vehrs said the fight was instigated by other girls and not his client. While both sides call it a case of bullying, the real bully is still in dispute. "I believe my daughter was bullied, not just by the daughter, but them, the two adults as well," said Rodriguez.

"I think it will be straightened out in court when the facts come out, we will see it's more of a big misunderstanding than a criminal situation," said Vehrs.

Nancy Ramirez was in court for her arraignment Wednesday, but didn't want to comment on the allegations. If convicted, the women could face up to a year in jail.

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