Jackson's family opens up on 'Oprah'


Jackson's oldest children, 13-year-old Prince and 12-year-old Paris said they are enjoying going to private school after years of home schooling. The youngest sibling, 8-year-old Blanket is still home schooled.

While Jackson was alive he made the children wear veils in public to protect them from being recognized. Paris said she didn't always like to wear the veil but she understood that her father was just trying to protect her, saying people didn't realize what a good father he was.

The children now live with Jackson's mother, /*Katherine Jackson*/, who said she hopes to give them as normal a childhood as possible.

Jackson's father, /*Joe Jackson*/, also appeared in an interview and admitted when pressed that he had whipped his children with a strap to keep them out of trouble. Katherine and Joe denied that they had ever filed for a divorce after Joe blamed Katherine for Michael's death in an interview last year.

Katherine admitted that she believed her son was addicted to plastic surgery and that at one point she had asked his surgeon to pretend he had operated on his nose if he ever asked for another surgery. She said Jackson had been insecure about his looks and one day decided to get a nose job, but she became concerned that his nose was becoming too thin, looking like what she called a "toothpick."

Jackson's brother Randy complained about the interview over Twitter, saying he objected to his parents allowing it.

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