Valley Korean-Americans talk about missile attacks

FRESNO, Calif.

Many have strong opinions about how the actions of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il have hurt their family members... However not everyone is settled on how to stop Kim from going to war.

During services at Korean Presbyterian church in Northwest Fresno many congregants were praying for family members in Korea after Tuesday's fatal missile attack.

Fresno state professor of political science Dr. Marn Cha and his friend and physician Dr. Ho Kang were among them.

"Most korean's want a peaceful solution," said Kang.

Cha added, "They were able to import the parts to build that nuclear facility."

Cha said North Korea's nuclear aspirations have grown with help from China and Russia. "In the past we used to think that we would be able to surgically scoop out their facility and capability."

But now some military experts said North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has the ability to launch weapons into the southern peninsula, as well as Japan and possibly even as far as the west coast of the United States.

"The most current analysis is that north korea showed rather satisfaction this time. Their nuclear facilities are highly ultra modern," said Cha.

"On one side we have to have a strong response. On the other side we have to calm down," Kang said.

Ho Kang moved from Seoul, South Korea 30-years ago.

He wants the South Korean and U.S. military to respond to the lethal attacks but understands others who still live there, like his mother, are at risk if there is a strike.

"For example if the north attacked the south, do you know where you would go? To a refugee area. Most people don't know," said Kang.

Both Kang and Cha said a single solution to ease tensions is not readily available. "We are divided in terms of strategy that we have to take. Should we go strike all the way or should we step and scare them?"

Multiple diplomatic channels are being explored to resolve this conflict but most agree the six-party talks must resume soon.

Cha wants the United Nations to put more pressure on the northern communist leader however the current secretary general of the U.N. is South Korean.

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