Baby found in Le Grand; burned body is missing Planada woman

MERCED, Calif.

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Family members gathered in Merced, at the home of the dead woman's mother. They were devastated by news the body found burning in an orchard last week was identified as that of 26-year-old Ana Diaz De Ceya.

Her cousin, Ynarra Granados said; "We are feeling destroyed. We don't know why it happened. We don't know why it happened .We just want everyone to help us out and figure out who did this because they have to pay for everything they've done."

The only hope for this family is that a baby boy, discovered naked on the porch of a home in the town of Le Grande is that of Ana's son, Anthony, who disappeared with her.

Bianca Zaragoza Ana's sister in-law said; "We still don't know if the baby they found is Anthony Diaz, but we're hoping it is."

The baby was found on the doorstep of Sonny Rodriguez' house. Her neighbor alerted her when he saw the baby early Tuesday morning.

Rodrigues said; "Our first reaction was get him inside, rub his body, try to get him warm enough because he wasn't moving very much."

Merced County Sheriff Mark Pazin said the baby is hospitalized. "It was fortunate the neighbor did find the infant when he did because the core temperature of the infant was down to 86 degrees."

Pazin said it may take several days to positively identify the baby.

The husband of the dead woman. Luis Ceja said he is hoping the baby is his son. He said he is devastated by his wife's death, and through an interpreter said; "I don't have any idea what happened."

Sheriff's investigators questioned Luis Ceja and several of his family members again shortly after identifying the body. Authorities removed Cejas' five year old son from the home, but family members told u he was later returned. At this point, the Sheriff says there are no suspects, but lots of pieces to put together.

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