Burglary spree at Fresno apartment complex

FRESNO, Calif.

Police say the burglary is only one of several in the past few weeks, in the neighborhood near Champlain and Shepherd.

Fresno police say over the past 28 days, 5 homes have been hit. That includes four La Provence apartments and a house that shares a fence with the complex.

"All my jewelry boxes are empty, it's just everything." Brandi Cargill came home Thursday afternoon to find her room torn apart.

Most of her expensive jewelry, clothing, and electronics were all gone. "It was just a nightmare. You don't feel safe. I couldn't sleep last night. It's really disheartening," Cargill said.

Brandi lives in the Northeast Fresno home with her young son and her mother as well as her sister, Heather, and her son.

The women think the criminals got onto their property through an opening in their fence....and that they literally squeezed their way inside the house.

"So they went through the doggy door?'

'Yeah, and then clicked it open. See they tried to print for it, and they clicked it open and just ran inside," Cargill said.

Several wrapped Christmas presents and a brand new Wii video game system are among the thousands of dollars worth of stolen items.

A neighbor claims he saw two men leave their home by hopping a fence over to the La Provence apartment complex.

Fresno police believe the same people have recently broken into 4 apartments there through open garages. Residents received a warning last week.

"We got notices on all of our doors saying urgent notice, please be aware. Close your garage doors. Make sure all your windows and doors are locked," Nelita Brosnac said.

Fresno police say, their officers have spent the past couple of weeks patrolling the area.

"We've done several operations in the area. All of them undercover, in plain clothes, driving around in the neighborhood, walking the apartment complex itself," Jeff Cardinale said.

And while they appreciate law enforcement's support, these single mothers say it's still not enough for the youngest victims in this case.

"I don't know how you tell a three year old and and a seven year old that Christmas isn't happening."

"I want my Wii"

A nearby resident took a cell phone picture of two men.

Fresno police are analyzing that photo but at this point have no suspects. If you have any information, you are urged to call Fresno police.

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