Two men sought in death of Fresno man

FRESNO, Calif.

50-year-old Heliodoro Ruvalcaba was killed when his white Taurus was broad-sided by a truck which had just been stolen. Now his family mourns the loss of a devoted father and grandfather.

Ruvalcaba was headed home from his janitorial job when the truck blew through a red light shortly after 1am.

His daughter Ally explained, "Usually he's home so my mom thought this wasn't right so she thought she'd back track because there's only one way he could go. When she got to Ashlan and 99 it was blocked off."

She would learn her 50-year-old husband Heliodoro died at the scene.

Mike Harkness was in a truck next to Ruvalcaba when the light turned green. The impact of the crash carried into his own truck.

Harkness said, "I saw those two guys in the green truck that came out. I couldn't see who they were. It was foggy and they had all kinds of baggy clothes on so I couldn't make them out and everything and I guess they left."

Police believe the two men who left this crash scene -- one African American the other white or Hispanic - could be banged up.

Lt. Mark Salazar said, "They might be injured and that's why we're asking anyone who knows information about them, we think they're going to seek some kind of assistance somehow, to call us."

Police said the truck was stolen from an apartment complex a few blocks away, along with other items taken from a young couple during a home invasion robbery. The couple wasn't hurt.

Ally Ruvalcaba hopes the suspects are caught soon. She said, "To do that in the first place to someone else, it's not their property to be taking and to the fact they could hit someone and run off like it's nothing they don't have a heart. At least have some kind of compassion; you knew you had to kill that person by the impact of the car."

The two men face charges of vehicular manslaughter and residential robbery.

Ally added, "It's just crazy that they could just run away like it's nothing and go on and my dad can't. He was my best friend."

Ruvalcaba said her dad was the sole provider in a household which includes her 7-month old son, her brother and her mom. She's unsure how the family will pay for his funeral.

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