Fresno State ASI president may leave office

FRESNO, Calif.

Pedro Ramirez made national news back in November after admitting he's an undocumented immigrant.

When Pedro Ramirez plowed into a tree during winter break, he suffered serious injuries and unknowingly opened the door to a new round of intense criticism.

Still visibly injured from a controversial crash during winter break, Pedro Ramirez looked on as student senators discussed starting the process of removing him from office.

That vote ended up being postponed because of a letter sent by the ACLU claiming the student body government would be breaking the law if it ousted him from his elected position.

"Not wanting to put the organization at any risk, we've decided to postpone until we can hear back from our attorneys." said ASI Executive VP Selena Fernesi.

That issue may have been tabled, but the debate about Ramirez and his January 8th crash continued to dominate the meeting.

Fresno Police cited him for driving without a license. Some in student government believe that violation is grounds to have him removed. But the facial injuries Ramirez suffered could make those efforts unnecessary.

"There's a chance that because of my health as I see my doctor in the coming weeks. I might have to step down. That's due to possible more surgeries. If I can't be here to serve you and serve the students, I shouldn't be here." said Ramirez.

Meanwhile critics continued to demand his resignation because of the issue that launched him into the national spotlight in the first place, his undocumented immigrant status.

Fresno State student Neil O'Brien remains Ramirez biggest detractor -- even going so far as to set up a website which claims to document a laundry list of violations involving Ramirez.

"If there's any questions I want answered, I want to know if he's legal and lying or if he's illegal and really doing all these illegal things." said O'Brien.

Flanked by supporters, Ramirez questioned O'Brien's credibility. "He hasn't verified most of this information. If he researched most of this stuff he can probably, most of his stuff can be disproved." added Ramirez.

Ramirez' immigration attorney says his legal status hasn't improved since his story went public.

Lawyers for ASI plan on having a better idea of what actions the senate can take to start the process of possibly removing Ramirez in about a week.

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