Hotel business booming in the Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

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Hundreds of agriculture experts landed at Fresno Yosemite International Airport Sunday. Some had no problems getting the hotel of their choice.

"No because we have a standard booked every year so we just keep the same hotel and book every year. We stay in Fresno rather than stay in Tulare," said Roger Scott from Nebraska.

Others procrastinated and ended up booking rooms in the other parts of the valley.

"It seems like you need to make your reservations earlier and earlier every year," said Scott Hammer from Texas.

Scott hammer is an ag innovator out of Texas. Hammer is staying at the La Quinta Inn in Fowler but says he's no stranger to sleeping in different hotels. "We've stayed in places like Delano, and we've stayed in Fresno and we stayed in a bed and breakfast in Visalia last year."

Some of the travelers Action News spoke with didn't think finding a place would be this difficult.

A lot of it has to do with thousands of Hmong visitors in town who are paying their respects to the late General Vang Pao. A handful of them stay at the La Quinta Inn. General Manager Jacob Grindeland says their location next to Highway 99 is an easy sell. "We usually get a lot of people who want stay south of Fresno to avoid the traffic, the tie ups. The Fresno area as well there's a lot of business, people doing ag work, any kind of construction work in the area as well."

Travelers Action News spoke with said they don't stay in Tulare because they're already booked and they visit clients who are located throughout the valley.

Action News also talked to several hotel managers in the area and they're also sold out over the next few days.

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