Local Egyptian family disappointed Mubarak won't resign

FRESNO, California

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Majed Salem was arrested but later released for demonstrating in Alexandria, Egypt two weeks ago. But he was in no hurry to come home to Fresno and Salem's relatives all wish they could be with him.

Mohamed Salem's brother Majed had a chance to return to Fresno. He stood with half a million people in Alexandria as he told us why he stayed in Egypt. Majed explained, "It's history. I was born and raised here and I'm proud to be a part of this change."

Mohamed, his wife Reda and his mother have been glued to both the Al-Jazeera network and their laptops for the latest developments.

Reda talked to one of her sisters who was among the three-million people in Tahrir Square. She said she felt "So many different emotions. Hope, fear sometimes. What's gonna happen next? I wish I was there."

So does Mohamed. He says he is proud of those now demanding basic rights. Salem said, "I was so cynical that they already killed the Egyptian spirit, that that would never happen."

Salem is inspired by the unity of his people. He showed me a picture of a Christian man with a tattooed cross on his hand protecting a group of Muslims as they prayed.

Mohamed said the demonstrations serve as a powerful lesson for two-year old Xena. Salem explained, "I want her to know that's her roots and that's where she came from and want her always to be proud that her people actually rise up against a dictator and told him, enough is enough. Get out."

The Salems moved to the U.S. ten years ago. They say they won't be satisfied until President Mubarak steps down.

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