Group spreads belief that world ends May 21

FRESNO, Calif.

A bay area Christian group placed this ad on a billboard and others in the Valley that says judgment say is coming May 21.

Sunday that group concentrated their efforts in Downtown Fresno and the Fresno County Fairgrounds.

"Only 76 days left until judgment day. All according to the bible."

Guy Von Harringa is spent his Sunday passing out flyers to people at the Fresno County Fairgrounds.

He is part of a global movement that believes the world will end on May 21 because of a worldwide earthquake.

When it happens -- Harringa says those who believe in Jesus Christ will be "raptured" -- or in other words they'll be sent to heaven while non-believers will perish from the catastrophe.

"The reason we're so confident in our understanding is that everything in the bible fits in. And all of the signs are there."

Harringa talked to several people attending the home and garden show. Some took the time to listen to his beliefs. But most of the people we spoke with were a little more skeptical.

"It just sounds crazy. I really don't know what to think about it. I mean I'm catholic and we haven't heard anything about the world coming to an end on May 21," Adriana Maldonado said.

"The bible says no one knows the time. If God doesn't say that. The bible says that no one knows the time yet or the hour. He does, but you and I don't know," Mario Alvarado said.

Harringa had this response to the naysayers.

"A lot of people probably didn't listen to Noah. I mean c'mon they probably thought he was nuts you know? What a floods coming? C'mon I don't see the water. Or even Sodom and Gomorrah. I don't see any fire coming down from heaven. But yet judgment came."

The group plans on making more appearances in the Fresno area as the May 21 deadline approaches. And they certainly have no plans to pull this ad down before then.

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