Facebook and Fasting

FRESNO, Calif.

And for some, Facebook and texting are taking a backseat to God.

Catholics.... Lutherans..... Anglicans and Episcopalians..... made their way to churches across the valley Wednesday to begin a forty day journey called "Lent."

The ashes are a symbol to the faithful that they come from dust... and they will one day return to dust.

Fr. Carlos Raines of St. James Anglican Cathederal in Fresno explains, "It reminds us that our lives are short and what really matters is relationships. So lent is really all about relationships."

Fr. Carlos Raines says that in order to focus more on God and others..... Christians often choose to give up earthly comforts during Lent - like meat on Fridays.

But in this age of social networking, many Christians believe they can grow closer to God and others by foregoing Facebook.

Fresno State senior Dominique Flores said, "Yes, Facebook and trying to stop texting so much unless its work related or family related."

Fresno State sophomore Ivon Jimenez said, "I think it would be a good idea for me to give it up .... I think it would like be meaningful to me because I'm like always like talking to my friends and everything."

Fr. Carlos Raines says, "Social networking is a good thing.... it's a great thing.... it is about relationships... but if I'm texting 10 thousand texts a month, I'm probably getting a little too distracted by that and maybe I need to spend some more time thinking about God... and the meanings of my relationships with people."

So instead of truly fasting for lent.... those who give up Facebook this year.... may enjoy a feast... face to face.

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