Undercover Video | Wine Sales

FRESNO, Calif.

Animal rights groups say the videos help protect farm animals and inform the public.

But Iowa farmers are backing legislation making it illegal for activists to produce and distribute such pictures and videos.

It would also punish people who take agriculture jobs just to secretly record video on a farm.

Experts say Iowa could become the first state to approve such restrictions. Florida is considering similar legislation.


Washington lawmakers are considering a bill to allow beer and wine tasting at farmers markets.

That state's small wineries, craft brewers and distillers have been chipping away at laws restricting sampling and sales.

Several states now allow limited wine tastings at grocery stores.

Iowa and Virginia permit wine tastings at farmers markets. Opponents worry it will make it easier for minors to get alcohol.

But farmers say wine sales are an important source of income, and it's hard to get people to buy if they can't taste first.

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