Shaver Lake gets buried in snow overnight

FRESNO, Calif.

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In Madera and Mariposa Counties, more than 6,800 people are in the dark. And a little more than 1,000 are now without power in Fresno County.

In Shaver Lake, heavy snowfall Thursday night caused major damage to one building. The roof collapsed at Ken's Clothing, leaving glass and debris all over the adjacent driveway.

Four to five feet of new snow added to the snow already on the roof and it caved in. The clothing store has been closed for two years, but on the other side of the same building is Ken's Market. The business has a saggy ceiling in one area, but its owners aren't too worried.

Mandi Coburn said, "A few ceiling tiles and we have some windows that have cracked and stuff like that, but in the market part. It looks pretty sound."

Businesses all over Shaver Lake have snow covered roofs, and many are working to shovel it off. They're hoping the snow encourages plenty of skiers and visitors to come through town this weekend.

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