PG&E Steps-up to help Shaela Warkentin

FRESNO, Calif.

And California power company PG&E is now among those stepping in to help the family of Shaela Warkentin.

16 year old Shaela was on her way home from youth group at church with her sister and a friend the night of March 8th. Their green Mustang was stopped at a light when the driver of an old model truck slammed into them.

Emergency crews pried Shaela from the wreckage, her left eye was crushed, her right eye had to be sewn back together, glass and metal fragments pierced her brain. But family spokesperson Regina Teeter says four weeks after the accident, Shaela is showing signs of her old self.

Teeter said, "All the places where she's been stitched or they've had I-V's in here are starting to itch because of the healing. She's scratching and Lisa had to keep her from scratching. Shaela got irritated with her and said, "I want you out of the room, leave me alone!" But that's good! That's her! That's her personality."

As Shaela's healing journey begins, people from all over the Valley have stepped in to help the family with current and future expenses.

Bullard high school students have been selling t-shirts and prayer bracelets, bringing in almost $4,000.00. Last week's Qdoba Mexican Restaurant event raised $800.00. Chipotle won't yet reveal its final tally from last Thursday's five hour fundraiser, but the company's marketing director told Action News thousands of people showed up and it's a pretty healthy total.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company is the latest to jump onboard. Shaela's father Ken Warkentin is a temporary employee for the company and receives no benefits.

Family spokesperson Regina Teeter said, "Word got to the CEO of PG&E about Shaela and he is working on allowing employees to donate their vacation time to him - which is not the norm."

Shaela will need facial reconstruction plus rehabilitation, and if she does not regain her vision, she will need much time and attention to adjust to a world without sight.

Friends of Shaela's family have set up a trust fund for her at Fresno Premiere Valley Bank, account number 101-014-637.

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