Clovis man in jail after standoff with police

FRESNO, Calif.

Clovis Police used tear gas to get 47-year-old Angel Aguilera out of his house.

Authorities say Aguilera barricaded himself inside after attacking his neighbor in the street.

Investigators also say he threatened to burn down his home.

Action News spoke with the man who says he was injured by Aguilera.

"He came out with a knife and what looked like the handle to a hammer and then he got me across the arm with it and hit me with the handle," Matt Johnson said.

"When officers arrived on scene they found that the victim had a knick from the knife in his skin and had been hit with a wooden dowel, that that point the suspect had already barricaded himself inside his house," Janet Stoll-Lee said.

Aguilera is now being held on an existing burglary warrant and for assault with a deadly weapon.

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