‘Honor a Hero, Hire a Vet’

FRESNO, Calif.

The Clovis Memorial Building was buzzing with companies reaching out to veterans and others looking for work. People like David Longoria, who served in the Navy. His job was to arm and load weapons but thinks what he learned is transferable to civilian life.

Longoria said "But I'm capable at fork lifting. Hopefully, everyone out there, I'm a fork lifter and hopefully I can find a good job."

Anyone looking for a job was welcome but veterans wore evidence of their service to their country. This jobs recruiter for Yosemite Park's concessioner says veterans are good candidates.

Martha Lozano said, "They're driven by mission and so if that mission is to take care of our guests then they understand that the end results and they can then that is a transferable skill."

She was impressed with Kimberley Treadwill a veteran who served in the 1980's. She lost her job recently and thinks a change in direction might be good.

Treadwill said, "Since at my age, and my daughter's grown, I have the ability to do whatever I want. I could move up there."

From the older vet to the current generation, they learned adjusting can help you overcome.

Devon McCartny said, "I learned management skills, leadership skills, I've matured a lot."

McCartney was a flight line specialist during two tours in Kuwait and Iraq.

"I scheduled the flight operations," said McCartney. "I gave them the navigations, in bound and out bound."

He has a part time job at Sanger Unified as a tutor. But he others here want a good full-time job.

Like everyone looking for work veterans know they have to sell themselves to get one. And they are banking on the skills they learned in the service to land a job.

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