Alleged altercation following Fresno school board meeting

FRESNO, Calif.

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Michael Hanson and Larry Moore have voiced strong differences of opinion at board meetings in the past. But they've never asked the police to get involved.

Video of the May 11th board meeting obtained from the Fresno Unified website shows District Superintendent Michael Hanson and Trustee Larry Moore exchanging heated words while discussing issues with school dress code policies.

What followed was a police report filed by Hanson claiming that at the end of that meeting, he was assaulted by Moore as board members were leaving the room.

According to the police report Hanson claims he felt a hand push against his right rear side at his waist level causing him to lose his balance and strike the left side of his lower body against the three foot wall between the boardroom and the conference room.

Action News contacted Hanson's office. He did not want to talk about the incident today.

Board member Cal Johnson was in the room, but didn't see the confrontation take place. "I did hear noise and I saw Superintendent Hanson going towards the door he normally goes out of but he turned around and went out of another door."

Barry Bennett, Moore's Attorney said, "As Larry was proceeding through that corridor, he and Hanson started having words again."

Bennett says Hanson tried to stop Moore from leaving. "At some point Hanson put himself in front of Larry and would not let him leave and was basically in his face."

Action News talked to Moore. He didn't want to speak on camera, but says he did not hit anyone.

Bennett said, "My understanding Larry put his hand on his shoulder and didn't shove him, but moved him aside so he could leave."

Fresno Police have not made any arrests. And the district attorney's office has not charged anyone at this time. Both Moore and Hanson are expected to attend the next scheduled board meeting on May 25th.

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