5/17/11 Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

An animal at a Bakersfield horse show came down with a rare but extremly contagious disease. A vet had to put the horse down after it was discovered the animal had Equine Herpes.

Horse show officials say as many as 200 horses at the show were potentially exposed to the virus. Veterinarians believe the sick horse came from another show in Utah.

Several horse events are now being cancelled to keep the outbreak from spreading even further.

Farmworkers may soon have an alternative in deciding whether to join a union.

The state assembly approved a bill to allow field laborers to organize by submitting a petition to the state instead of holding a secret-ballot election. Workers would sign and turn in state-issued representation cards. If the state determined the cards had been signed by a majority of workers, the union would be certified without holding an election.

The legislation was passed previously in the senate and now goes to Governor Brown. Those who oppose the bill say it will make it easier to unionize, and eventually drive up food prices.

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