How fashion and farming co-exist in Pixley

PIXLEY, Calif.

From the back room of a Valley dairy one woman is creating some of the hottest accessories.

Shelly Vanderpoel said, "This hat sells at the Hard Rock hotel in lots of different colors"

Her products are one of a kind and a favorite among many celebrities who sport the shiny designs of South Valley resident Shelly Vanderpoel.

"Every design we do is an original design done by hand using only Swarovski crystals," said Vanderpoel. "So I think celebrities like the fact that nobody else is going to have it. And we're constantly trying to keep it new and fresh."

Although she specializes in women's accessories, her company Glitzy Bella glams up much more. From gumball machines, to beach cruisers and even slippers. Jessica Alba and Drew Carrey are just a few celebrities who bought some pretty flashy tricycles.

She creates only items she would wear herself and it seems she has good taste, since thousands upon thousands of hats are shipped out each year, and these masterpieces are created in the most unlikely of places.

Her idea was born five years ago from a family dairy in Pixley. After a stay at home mother of four decided to turn her hobby into a business. These hats are so popular stores nationwide can't even keep them in stock.

With the humming of milking machines in the background, a room in the barn at the dairy is Glitzy Bella headquarters. It's where hats, flip flops and more are blinged, tagged and shipped.

Early on, Shelly got a glimpse of her potential when she got a large order for flip flops from a high end department store. "The Nordstrom order was life changing. Overtaking. Luckily my kids put up with me during that."

Celebrity Alexis Bellino caused the latest sell out, when a star of the hit reality show "The Real Housewives of Orange County" wore a Glitzy Bella hat in this season's show open.

Shelly's motto is wish it, dream it, do it. But she is doing it bigger than even she ever imagined. "I never did this with any intention of really more than just having fun, so."

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