Kitten trapped in storm drain is gone, search continues

FRESNO, Calif.

It's a story you first saw on Action News at 11 and all morning long on AM Live.

The little kitten could be heard meowing from the storm drain since Tuesday afternoon when witnesses say it was tossed from a moving car.

The kitten ran across five lanes of traffic before jumping into the drain.

"I saw somebody throw something out, cross the street. Cars in front of me were stopping then I saw a little tiny kitten running in the cross walk on his belly," Kara Irwin said.

The Fresno Fire Department tried three times to get the cat out but with no success.

The SPCA went down the sewer drain Wednesday morning to get the cat but discovered it was gone.

There is one concern: rushing water may have swept the kitty away so now crews are going to other storm drains on Herndon to see if they can find the kitty.

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