New hair style frustrates fishermen

FRESNO, Calif.

Feather locks, or feather extensions for your hair, are all the rage, from Florida to Fresno. But these feathers weren't originally meant to be an accessory and they don't 'fly' with local fisherman.

Feathers sold at Herb Bauer Sporting Goods in North Fresno are used for fly fishing. Fisherman normally tie flies to them and use them for bait, but lately they've been attracting customers looking for the latest hair accessory.

The store's stock of rooster feathers has been sold out for weeks. "The girls come in, they call every day, I probably get no exaggeration, at least a couple calls a day. We've sold feathers to people in San Diego, we've sold feathers to people in San Francisco," said Bob Scharton with Herb Bauer.

Scharton says the feather suppliers can't raise birds fast enough to meet the demand for this new trend. He says he's heard bidders paying as much as $800 on Ebay for a set of feathers. Frustrating fishermen can't afford the inflated prices.

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