Argument led to shooting death of a Fresno teen

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno Police say an argument ended in a homicide. Investigators have been working nonstop to identify and track down the suspect or suspects, but so far no arrests have been made.

A Fresno Police detective briefed family members Monday morning after 13 year old Isaiah Bradley was shot and killed just two blocks away from his home.

Isaiah's mother, Alice Bradley said, "It hurt my heart to know that he got gunned down like this. Over a fight that could've been just words and whatever, just take the fight and go on with it. All this, it shouldn't have even happened."

Neighbors who came out after the shooting saw Isaiah on the ground and police performing CPR.

Roland Haynes lives a few houses away from where the teen was killed. "They tried to save him," said Haynes. "They worked really hard. And the whole thing saddens me because the boy used to play with my daughter and I knew him a little bit."

Isaiah's mother is trying to help police find the person responsible for her son's murder. She is hoping witnesses will open up to officers about who took his life and also identify anyone else involved.

"Isaiah was a good boy, that's my baby," said Alice. "I'm reaching out as a mom to people in the neighborhood, you know out of the neighborhood, you know anything to help me."

Police say the victim is not a gang member, but the suspects may be. If you have any information, please call Fresno Police.

The family has set up an account to pay for funeral expenses.

Bank of America
Isaiah Bradley Memorial Fund

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