Kings County has closed the Kings River indefinitely


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Fresh white and orange sandbags have been placed along the banks of the Kings River at the Riverland RV resort in Kingsburg.

Renters aren't afraid of being flooded but admit water is starting to make its way onto the grass. The same optimism can't be said at Lindy's Landing in Reedley.

"This is a disaster. Because we're booked for the whole summer." said Vito Chimienti.

The campground looks more like a swamp these days with laundry rooms flooded and the water nearly reaching the top of street signs.

Owner Vito Chimenti is now scrambling to make cancellation calls that will end up costing him tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

"For the summer time it's such a small window, that something like this, it breaks you." added Chimienti.

Chimienti says all he can do now is wait for the water to recede before he can lift this sign which bans people and boats from getting into the water.

Tal Tartaglia lives just downstream from Lindy's Landing. His picturesque backyard used to feature an island with a golf hole. Now the only thing you can see is a white pin flag and the top leafs of the tall banana plants that surround it.

"Because it's starting to flood backwards and it wasn't doing that before. That wasn't here yesterday. It wasn't coming through there last night." said Tartaglia.

The water from the Kings River is even creeping up his concrete steps. But Tartaglia isn't worried because his house is on elevated ground.

"It's getting pretty high. Yeah we've lived here around 20 years and it's probably only been higher than this maybe one or two times back in the mid 90's." added Tartaglia.

More snowmelt from the Pine-Flat dam is expected to be released on Friday. Valley authorities have made it very clear that everyone should stay out of the water no matter how well you think you can swim or if you have a boat.

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