City of Merced will not open public pools

MERCED, Calif.

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All three of Merced's public pools will stay closed this year because officials say it doesn't make financial sense to open them. Last year the city paid more than $40 thousand to serve about 12 hundred kids.

Officials say other pools are available for swim lessons, including one at Millennium Sports Club and another at Merced College. But parents in south Merced say those pools are too far for their kids.

"I think it's really bad for the kids," said Janaeia Beavers. "There's a whole bunch of kids that live around here near this park that come here and play that are really not having fun this year."

Duprejah Pollard said, "I really wish the pool was open right now so we can go swimming."

The city is considering converting the McNamara Pool in south Merced to a splash park within the next two years. They say that would save money on maintenance and personnel.

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