What's behind an increase in bugs in Valley Homes?

FRESNO, Calif.

Employees at Liberty Pest Control say they are getting about two dozen calls a day. Which is more than average.

Experts say, the reason people are seeing more spiders and insects around their homes, is because of a wet winter, and the recent heat wave.

"Right there? Yeah, and there's a few other spiders right there."

Within the past couple of days, Valentin Nolasco has discovered black widow spiders inside his Northeast Fresno home. While we were there, our cameras spotted two. Nolasco says he's also noticed several crickets and roaches.

Valentin Nolasco said, "We go buy like a lot of pesticides and other stuff like that and we pretty much go around the whole house and kill everything we can."

Employees with Liberty Pest Control say households, even a few playgrounds and businesses throughout the Valley are making similar complaints.

Since last month, calls for service have increased by 50%. Complaints range from spiders, to beetles and fleas.

Liberty Employee Bret clay says mild winter temperatures, combined with plenty of rain, is partly to blame.

Bret Clay said, "If they don't have that cold snap to kill them off, they reproduce. And of course, if you have a wet winter, you have more vegetation."

Mosquitos are also making a comeback. Friday, employees with the Fresno Mosquito and Vector Control District sprayed this puddle of standing water near the Tower District. A day earlier, the district reported Fresno County's first animal case of West Nile virus of the year.

Assistant Manager, Gary Byde says they haven't seen this many mosquitos, this early on, in twenty years. And while winter conditions are a contributing factor, the recent heat wave is making the problem even worse.

Gary Byde said, "We always have heat here in the Valley, which is no big secret, but the heat increases their development rate. They grow much faster."

If you notice standing water near your home, call your local mosquito and vector control district. As for spiders and insects, you can try killing them with simple bug spray. Or you can call a professional. Prices start around $30.00 for monthly service.

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