Corcoran Police are investigating their 1st murder since 2005


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Police later found 68 year old Herminia Gamez stabbed to death in her home. Officers say Aguilar became upset when Gamez asked him to move out of her house because she was getting back together with her ex-boyfriend. Gamez's family says she took care of the elderly and was a very giving person.

The victim's nephew, Leonard Chavez said, "She didn't deserve to die I mean not in that way but you know what she was a nice person and after that she didn't bother nobody."

Corcoran Deputy Police Chief Gary Cramer said, "The investigating officer described him as very calm and very collected during not only when he initially walked in but during the entire investigation."

Aguilar will be back in court next month for trial proceedings for the murder. This is the city of Corcoran's first murder since 2005.

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