Weapons, drug bust in Fresno's 'Sin City'

FRESNO, Calif.

Police said neighbors tipped them off about the activity. It comes just days after a group of Fresno State students complained to city leaders about their safety in that neighborhood.

The Violent Crime Impact Team now has several weapons off city streets. Inside an apartment on San Ramon, police found several swords, knives, and assault-style guns. "One is a rifle... also, a mac-10 that was fully loaded and a handgun," said Fresno Police Lt. Mike Doyle.

Police also seized a large bag of marijuana and several smaller packages of methamphetamine along with cash.

"Residents in this area became very concerned with the amount of gunshots in this particular area and gang members," Lt. Doyle said.

Several suspected gang members, including one juvenile, were taken into custody.

Police also searched a neighboring boarded-up apartment after seeing a long extension cord running across the walkway.

"Right now this is a good area to have taken apart," Doyle said.

This is the exact neighborhood Fresno State students are concerned about. On Thursday, a group of student leaders took the issue to city council. "I think it's really great," Fresno State Senior Frank Roche said. "It's a great first step to where I'd like to see it."

Roche lives in a fraternity house which faces the streets of El Dorado Park. "I've seen a lot of things in that neighborhood and it's amazing at how blatant they are," he said.

Roche and other students are not expecting a massive overhaul of 'Sin City' to happen overnight, but this type of police response is a welcome sight.

The City of Fresno has agreed to extend a revitalization project to include El Dorado Park.

And Fresno State students say they'll work with the Wesley United Methodist Church to make improvements to the neighborhood.

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