Allegiant: Fresno a likely candidate for direct flight to Hawaii

FRESNO, Calif.

When folks in the Valley want to get away to Las Vegas Allegiant, an airline known for economic flights is the way to go. Allegiant flies to Las Vegas from FYI four times a week. But soon, a direct flight to paradise could be added.

Travel agent Martin Lyle said his clients are always looking for trips to Hawaii. But the cost to fly from FYI is higher because there are no direct flights. "It's going to cost you a couple hundred bucks, just for that 45 minute flight to LA or San Francisco," Lyle said.

If Allegiant chooses FYI as its newest launch pad to the island getaway, Valley fliers may pay less to get there. "A direct flight means that's gone and you get a lot better deal," said Lyle.

An airline spokesperson said the company cannot speculate on the potential cost of a ticket but did say flights from the valley would be cheaper. "If we came to Fresno, we would look to make the package very affordable for folks," said Allegiant spokesperson Jordan McGee. "Of course, the other benefit is that it is a non-stop direct flight."

Passengers that talked with Action News said they're excited at the possibility of skipping larger airports. "I think that's a great idea," said Lupi Moore of Fresno.

"It'll be great, I live in Los Banos so it'd definitely be a lot more convenient for me," said Randy Foxworthy.

A flight from Fresno to Hawaii runs about $1,000, that's with a stop in a major city. The airline said a direct flight could cost less. Allegiant is awaiting FAA approval for the flights. So far, Bellevue, Washington, Oakland and Las Vegas are a few other contenders.

The airline is expected to make its decision in the next 6 to 8 months.

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