Carbon monoxide alarm prompts Clovis apartment evacuation

CLOVIS, Calif.

The /*Clovis*/ Fire Department was called out to an apartment complex on Helm near Lincoln after a carbon monoxide alarm went off inside two units.

Fire officials say 15 women and children were evacuated around 11 p.m.Sunday night after dangerous levels of the gas were found inside the two units. Medical crews examined the women and children but found no signs of carbon-monoxide poisoning. They say the carbon monoxide alarms helped save their lives.

"The first responders went into the apartment and discovered the levels of carbon monoxide were dangerously high and nearly double that of what would be a level of concern. Almost quadruple of an acceptable level," said Capt. John Watson with the Clovis Fire Department.

PG&E was been called in to find the source of the carbon monoxide leak.

The residents are now staying with family members, until the problem is fixed. They're expected to be let back in sometime Monday afternoon.

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