Protestors demand action on jobs from Republican Congressman Jeff Denham

FRESNO, California

"We told them the truth we are American citizens and we need jobs and unemployment is not enough to live on."

Denham was across town at a ribbon cutting at the VA hospital. He noted many of the protestors were health care workers facing cuts by the state. But he told Action News government has to be downsized.

"I know there are a lot of protestors that are frustrated that have been cut by the state government, we've got to cut on the Federal side too."

Nationwide nearly 50 thousand government employees were laid off last month, significantly offsetting the small rise in private jobs.

In Fresno County, government payrolls have cut about two thousand workers in the past year.

Democratic Congressman Jim Costa of Fresno believes the government can do more, but says partisan bickering is preventing job growth.

"There's over six hundred billion dollars in transportation, water project that would be good paying jobs it would put people back to work. The majority of Americans want us to work together, not engage in this partisan warfare."

But if the lack of economic progress continues, Moreno believes more protests like this could be coming.

"I think it's awesome and I think we need more of this because people need to know we are concerned American voting citizens and we care if our family members and our loved ones have enough to eat."

The protest was organized by the SEIU, United Health Workers Organization. Spokesperson Elizabeth Brannon said; "The message here today is simply unemployment is really high in the Central Valley, we need our Congressional Representatives to create jobs here."

Denham responded; "You know, I don't think government creates jobs, government needs to get out of the way but we can cut regulations that will allow us to be more competitive."

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