Porterville mom accused of sex with ex-boyfriends son, 15


Police arrested 39-year-old /*Tracy Hannah*/ on sexual assault charges.

/*Porterville*/ Police say the two met while the suspect was dating the victim's father. At one point they all even lived together.

Neighbors on the small Porterville block say they would often see a boy coming over to Tracy Hannah's apartment. At first, Hannah told neighbors the boy was her son.

/*Heather Wall*/, neighbor said, "I don't know if it's because we all got to know them better or what but she basically let us know they were together and we've all seen them kiss before."

Porterville Police actually began investigating the case one year ago, when child welfare services contacted officers of the possible illegal relationship. Detectives found Hannah and the boy in a house together, but neither admitted to any wrongdoing.

Recently, another call from child welfare services prompted them to re-investigate and this time, the 15-year-old boy told police about their year-long affair.

/*Sgt. Ron Moore*/ said, "He had admitted to the acts occurring and admitted they had been going on for a year.

The two met last year while Tracy Hannah was dating the 15-year-old boy's father. Officers say at one point Hannah's relationship with the father ended, and her sexual encounters with the boy began.

Despite Hannah denying the relationship to police, she was arrested for unlawful sex with a minor and child molestation.

Neighbors say Tracy Hannah has three children, two teenagers older than the victim, and an 11-year-old daughter. They say she suffered emotional issues and often wanted to seem younger than she was.

Wall said, "My mom's older than her by a few years and she would come over here - and I'm only 22 - and she would come over here and like try to talk to me, hey you want to come over to my house? Like she's my age or something you know she's old enough to be my mom I'm like no."

"She's a good girl to me," said Michelle Hill, neighbor. "But at the same [time] her going with a 15-year-old - that's not right."

Porterville Police say they don't believe the boy's father was aware of the sexual relationship. But because the father and the suspect had been together before, they say he trusted his son in her care and would let him stay over her house.

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