Pep talk for teachers in Fresno County

FRESNO, Calif.

Nearly 450 teachers and administrators in the newly created Washington Unified School District - joined together for the first time - to discuss ways to improve education for its students.

Larry Powell, Fresno County Schools Supt. said, "We want to let kids understand we care deeply about them and we're not going to let them be unsuccessful. We want them to make it through life, what we do here makes that happen."

The brand new district includes American Union Elementary and Washington Union High Schools. The new district is fed by five elementary schools - including Orange Center.

Two years ago the campus was forced to make changes after its former business manager was convicted of stealing over $400 thousand from the district. At the same time, other schools in the area we're dealing with a growing number of low performing students. By bringing in national education experts from around the country - the district hopes to turn things around.

Joey Campbell, Washington Unified Asst. Superintendent said, "There's actually a twofold message. The first is inspirational. We want to rekindle a fire we have for the love of teaching, the love of the kids, but also the technical learning community and how we can grow in our professions."

The teachers look forward to the challenge.

Michele Flynn, Washington Union Teacher said, "I think it's important to remind us we're making a difference everyday and I'm not just teaching math, I'm hopefully supporting and encouraging kids to be life-long learners."

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