Dozens of Navy pilots return to Lemoore Naval Air Station


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Friends and family members welcomed the pilots at Lemoore Naval Air Station Wednesday afternoon.

The pilots had spent part of the time helping people in japan recover from an earthquake and tsunami.

For one family, the decision to join the Navy was made shortly after 9-11, nearly ten years ago.

Michelle Rose, wife of Navy pilot said, "He was an investment banker up in the Bay Area and then September 11th happened he decided he wanted to do something bigger than himself so two weeks later he signed up and this is our life now."

Jake Rose, Navy pilot said, "Everyday that goes by in the daily life it's easy to potentially forget it but you watch it on the news or see a clip and all the emotions come flooding back. So just honored that I get to do what I get to do"

More sailors will return on Friday. They had been on assignment aboard the USS Ronald Reagan.

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