Fall claims the life a Calvin Crest Camp worker in Madera County

FRESNO, Calif.

Just after breakfast Tuesday morning, students were told to pack their bags. School officials say they were informed by camp leaders that it was best if students return home while they deal with this sudden loss.

One day into sixth grade camp, students returned to school after a sudden mishap that left camp staff stunned and deeply saddened.

Nadyne Qirreh, 23, died Monday when sheriff's officials say she was wrapping up a fun filled day of camp with Central Valley students.

Erica Stuart, Madera County Sheriff's Dept. said, "She was gathering ropes from the climbing rock wall and apparently, on the platform is what's called a door hatch. It should've been closed but for whatever reason it was open and she fell through."

District administrators say they decided after much contemplation how they should share the news with the children.

Andy Alvarado, Superintendent said, "Our students seem to be fine. In talking with staff last night we decided to not relay that information to our students last night because we didn't think that was something we needed to know before going to bed."

But some sixth graders knew there was something wrong last night.

Cameron Hanchett, sixth grader said, "Me and my camp mates woke up in the middle of the night and we got out of our beds and we saw an ambulance and we didn't know what it was and we went back to bed. A few minutes later we saw another one and it was a sheriff."

Students weren't given specific details of why their weeklong camp ended so soon, only that a tragedy took place.

Parents got a phone call notifying them Monday night of the unexpected accident.

Ruby Banuelos, parent said, "They didn't get into details, they just told me it was going to be cancelled, there was an event that happened that was tragic and were going to cut it short, that was it."

Camp administrators say no students were harmed or witnessed the event.

School officials say some staff and students did interact with Qirreh Monday before the accident.

Madera County Sheriff's Officials say the victim had three weeks of training on this equipment before she started her job on Sept 2. Cal Osha has also been called in to investigate the fatal fall.

Students say despite the twenty four hour trip, they made some good memories.

Phillip Banuelos, sixth grader said, "It was really fun, I only got to do the boats and zip line and that was the only thing and then it was over."

Calvin Crest Camp leaders have not said when the camp will reopen. Right now, school administrators are hoping the kids will have the opportunity to go back to camp in December.

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