Amazing Acro-Cats rock out in Houston, Texas

FRESNO, Calif.

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These are rock-cats, they are trained to play guitar, drums and even have a chicken who plays tambourine and cymbals.

Their trainer says all of her cats are orphans or strays and thinks that all of them can do extraordinary things. To her, it's just a matter of bringing out their hidden talents.

Training them has its challenges though, it can take two minutes or two months. The secret is the method behind music.

Samantha Martin said, "It's a little device that makes a sound that indicates a treat is coming. So anytime they do something that we like then we reward them."

The cats don't just play music. They are also trained to ride skateboards, roll barrels, and walk a tightrope.

KTRK-TV HOUSTON, TX contributed to this report.

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