Romney in the Valley to fundraise, again

FRESNO, California

Romney told Action News he's gaining support from folks here in the Valley and with the Republican primary race heating up he will likely need the additional votes and money.

"It's great to be in the Fresno area, good to be with you," Romney said. "It's a real treat. Beautiful place, wonderful evening, delightful folks here, great support."

Romney did not answer and reporter's questions. He spent about an hour and half at the fundraising dinner in Clovis Friday evening.

Media was not allowed in the event, but guests told Action News Romney spoke to them about scaling back government and building the private business sector.

"Our Valley and this country's economics are just in terrible shape and we need a new direction. I was glad I was able to come and I think I'm going to support him," said Joe Cruz of Fresno.

"By allowing less control of the government it would allow us all to basically run our businesses and cause competition," said Jill Bechard of Clovis.

Fresno State Political Science Professor Dr. David Schecter said Valley support likely will not win Romney a Presidential election, but gains made here may help him get to the race.

"He comes to town for the fundraising ability and the ability to talk with people who could help cut him some pretty big checks because right now he is in a tough primary battle," Dr. Schecter said.

Guests paid $500 a ticket to Friday's dinner. Romney was in Fresno a few weeks ago for a breakfast fundraiser.

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